Nail Polish Filling Capping Machine YMGXN

The Nail Polish Filling Capping Machine is suitable for all kinds of viscosity nail polish, and fills a variety of bottle shapes and caps. Filling, brush plugging, capping and cap screwing stations are automatically finished in this one machine. Steel ball system is optional.

Key Features:
  • PLC controlled.
  • No bottle no filling and no brush plugging, no brush no capping.
  • Separate filling and brush plugging stations. 
  • Equipped with fixing or guiding elements to ensure all stations run with stability. 
  • Optional filling methods: ceramic pump or stainless steel pump.
  • Mechanical swing arm picks up cap from chute and places it on the bottle along with pre-rotation, solving the problem of slender caps falling off.
  • Adjustable torque lossless magnetic force slipping capper, no damage to bottle and cap.
Technical Parameters:
  • Volume: 5-25ml
  • Capacity: 25-45pcs/min 40-80pcs/min
  • Power: 1kw
  • Net weight: 600Kg
  • Dimension: 2000×1700×1600mm

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